Update: Hamsters on overdrive

Ok, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything! The company is swamped with work, has more demand than supply and we’ve been hellishly busy. This is certainly healthier than the alternative but can also be a frustrating place. For quite some time, I’ve been personally involved looking after clients’ initiatives leaving little time for further recruitment (watch this space). The thing is, I really enjoy being in the trenches with  badass project teams. I have to balance that with keeping a wary eye on the operational runnings of the business, its investment portfolio and joint ventures. Erm, I also enjoy sailing and am in the process of forming a new rock band. And I got a new son last year… 🙂

My original motivation for the blog was to capture some of my real world learnings as an enabler for coaching activities. That way it’s easier to point people in this direction and say “just hear me out for now, don’t worry about trying to make notes – I’ll mail you a link to the article”.


Having fun in the trenches

As its been a while since I posted, there’s been quite an accumulation of project management IP that can be packaged and put out here for critical consumption. I’ll give it a bash.

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