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Using a Waterfall/Agile hybrid model to reduce risk on a massive system go-live

This post has been a long time coming. I’ll start by painting the context to explain the challenge: Big corporate IT system replacement program Involves a new architectural paradigm and re-engineered business processes >200 full time resources on a multi-year … Continue reading

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Planning Poker and User Story Sizing

Many Scrum teams that I’ve coached use Planning Poker as a mechanism for sizing user stories on their Product Backlogs. Often the use of this technique came about as a mandated process aimed at standardizing the Scrum practices across teams … Continue reading

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Predictive Management versus Empirical Control…and why our sensors save us from chaos

This article tries to explain the differences in approach between predictive techniques in project management and agile/iterative techniques that use extrapolations of past performance measurements as a guide to future performance. I’ve tried to keep the explanation simple and used … Continue reading

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Update: Hamsters on overdrive

Ok, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything! The company is swamped with work, has more demand than supply and we’ve been hellishly busy. This is certainly healthier than the alternative but can also be a frustrating place. … Continue reading

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Crossbolt fully in the cloud!

It’s been a while since the last post and there’s been a lot going on (I’ll try and catch up over the course of a few posts). The other day, after seeing me tab through various browser windows at speed, … Continue reading

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Crossbolt sponsors CH2

Continuing the off-the-wall marketing mentioned in the last post, we decided to give these two (very) talented nutters a boost. As their website says: Corneille & Leon recently returned from the USA after performing @ the 2011 Lee Ritenour Six … Continue reading

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Crossbolt 10 year anniversary graphic

With a decade in business coming around we decided to commission a graphic to celebrate the milestone! We wanted this to be slick with just a whiff of anti-establishment rebellion. There is a method to the madness: you probably can’t … Continue reading

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Scrum tip: Conduct better sprint retrospectives

Sprint retrospectives have in the past proved challenging for me as a Scrum Master: Some pigs take an inordinate amount of time to give their feedback. In a team of 8 pigs we often had the first few volunteers getting … Continue reading

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Using short videos as a change management tool

Some time last year I started investigating whether videos are a good mechanism for driving change on a project. Project stakeholders typically don’t read long documents and even if they do it’s usually a cursory glance at the pictures. Roadshows … Continue reading

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Eating my own dogfood…

In my personal capacity I’ve had an initiative that’s been open with just about no progress for a couple of months: I’m having to vacate my home office to make way for my daughter’s new room. A big reason for … Continue reading

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