Rearview mirror

I took a drive today, time to emancipate“, Pearl Jam, Rearviewmirror

Rear view mirror, Pacific Highway 1, California

When I started, the big challenge was to be able to make it through one year without having to rely on formal employment. That first year shot past before I noticed. A while later when I had to move office files that were taking up too much space into off-site storage, I realized with a wry grin that I’d forgotten to celebrate the 5-year anniversary too!

It’s coming up on 10 years now…and the journey has been spectacular. So much so, that I scaled down company commitments and spent the last year in retirement, just keeping a wary eye on the investment portfolio and dreaming new dreams.

Having avoided it for so long, why blog now? While some commentary may be anecdotal, there’s no intention here to retrospectively capture all the adventures of the past. I’m also skeptical about the narcissistic nature of blogs. The answer: have some fun capturing the lessons learned over the years so that I don’t repeat mistakes of the past. This may be in project management or around running technology businesses. If it turns out that these are of value to a wider audience than Crossbolt’s paying clients well that’s just great too.

Drinking coffee and dreaming new dreams

The time has come to blow the dust off my tools and get back into the thick of things.

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