Crossbolt sponsors CH2

Continuing the off-the-wall marketing mentioned in the last post, we decided to give these two (very) talented nutters a boost. As their website says:

Corneille & Leon recently returned from the USA after performing @ the 2011 Lee Ritenour Six String Theory International Guitar Competition World Finals. They rubbed shoulders with the likes of masters like Steve Lukather, Lee Ritenour, Scott Tennant, Joe Bonamassa and Doug Smith to name a few. Corneille & Leon won the World Classical / Flamenco category. They recorded their first DVD with a full symphony orchestra in September 2011.

CH2 and Crossbolt

CH2 get fantastic corporate exposure due to their (remarkably afrocentric) upbeat classical/jazz vibe. Good for them and great for us.

Sponsoring musicians does have its unique perks: I was at the coffee bar with some colleagues at a broadcasting client’s site recently when Corneille walked past and gave me a ‘hey bro’ high five. He was on his way to a TV shoot and I could nonchalantly claim – “oh, just some guys that we sponsor”… 🙂

Watch this space, they’re hardworking, immensely talented and have a growing cult following.

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3 Responses to Crossbolt sponsors CH2

  1. Cobus says:

    LOL, very nice!

  2. Leon(ie) says:

    the guy on the right is so handsome…

  3. Pierre van Driel says:

    Great performance at the the reopening of the Aula – University of Pretoria, you guys were great.

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