Crossbolt 10 year anniversary graphic

With a decade in business coming around we decided to commission a graphic to celebrate the milestone! We wanted this to be slick with just a whiff of anti-establishment rebellion. There is a method to the madness: you probably can’t remember any project management company brands can you? They’re typically staid old establishments. The only way to create a memorable brand here was to pitch it way out to the left. So we’ll be the punk rock IT project managers…

Being a petrolhead at heart I figured that a hotrod would be a good theme and I also had some retro 80’s era skateboarding related ideas. Here was my original concept drawing:

The concept image

Enter the amazing Andy Wright (ex frontman for Leek and The Slashdogs and owner of design company BOFA), quite possibly the only go-to guy for that esoteric combination of themes. He absolutely nailed it 🙂

10 Years of Smooth Rollin' Projects

Vroooom! Bring it on.

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1 Response to Crossbolt 10 year anniversary graphic

  1. Rogendran says:

    Well done on 10 years. A great initial concept that has translated into an awesome final product! You have successfully managed to create branding that is way out there.

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